Wednesday, December 30, 2009

They live and breath among us.

No one knows how they got here. No one knows how long they have been here. They are difficult to see unless they want to walk among us. Their skin has a chameleon like quality, blending in with their surroundings. Some think they can disappear at will. They are smaller than us, they can morph into a cat or squirrel and squirt away to safety. No one has ever captured one although I suspect the roadkill on the side of the highway may have been some. They seem to be studying us, as though we were the aliens. They may have been here first for that matter and we invaded their world eons ago. They don't make any sounds, communicating telepathically possibly. They are not dangerous, we think. We don't know what they eat, no one has had a close encounter and lived to tell about it. They may be responsible for that feeling we have of being watched. They may be helping us like guardian angels, pushing us out of the way of runaway buses or the like. They may be responsible for the ghost sitings and other paranormal experiences. More on this musing later as I dream up more about these "avatar " like beings.

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