Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Texan. Part 2

Another anecdote that is one which will more than likely live on in our family lore went something like this.
One dreadfully hot and dry summer, it hadn't rained for months, we were getting desperate.
The grass was dry and crinkled when walked upon. The lakes and ponds were turning into puddles. Cows and horses were dying of thirst. The Texan had a plan.
One morning before breakfast he gathered his three sons on the lawn and told them what they were going to do. At first they looked at him like he was crazy and then being kids they joined right in whooping and dancing in a wide circle in their underwear. The neighbors peeked out their windows and considered calling 911. The Texan led the dance hollering to the sky which was full of clouds but were reluctant to let go of their precious cargo. This display went on for several minutes and even Mrs. Texan who was used to these sort of histrionics was aghast. Then the impossible happened. First there was just a drop of rain. The boys noticed it and were encouraged to churn up a renewed energy in their impromptu rain dance. Then more drops. Before they knew it they were drenched as the clouds opened up and let loose. The weathermen were baffled as they had predicted no rain for the foreseeable future. Schools were closed as people scrambled to prepare for the first rain storm in quite a while. The earth was so dry the rain just ran off into the streets causing cars to stop as the roads became impassable.
This story is true. Believe it or not.

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