Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Texan

This is my favorite character. He is a true Texan in every way. Handlebar mustache, bowlegged, skoal chewing, and yet larger than life. He is a devoted husband and father, attends church, workaholic, and a cowboy philosopher. There are so many anecdotes I can go to for this blog, it is difficult to choose one to begin. This summer I found he was a natural golfer. Never played before but he was invited to play at a prestigeous country club by a work collegue. Not willing to turn down an opportunity to try something new he agreed. He showed up in Levis and cowboy boots. He had one club which he used to play 18 holes with and beat the course record. Those who might have put him down when he joined their elitist foursome where humbled by his line drives and on the dot putting. He enjoyed many offers to join in drinks at the clubhouse afterwards and accepted a gift of a new golf bag and clubs by the owners.

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