Monday, December 28, 2009

First Character Well Met

My first character hasn't been used in a novel as of yet but I'm sure all or parts of her will someday. She will be called Mrs. A for short. She is one of the kindest, generous and warmest person I have ever met. She talks insessently but this is her way of making those around her feel welcome and not ignored. Children love her and sence she is one of them with her childlike nature. She is simple and transparent. No hidden agenda and is never self serving. She loves people and doesn't have a prejudiced bone in her body. Left handed, which seems to affect some of her clumsiness and mannerisms, she is never going to be a brain surgeon. Her speech is fun to listen to her and you would soon be exhausted correcting her way of saying things. It's as if she has her own language as she combines words or combines them in new and interesting ways. For example last nite she was telling me how she would be talking to someone later that evening. "text you later" she said without blinking. Most of her ism's are not as clear and you may walk away scratching your head at the inventiveness. She is most known for combining two well known catch phrases into one, like: "My boyfriend is a real couch potato head." Hmm is she refering to me as a couch potato or do I look like a patato head. I think you see how her colloquialisms are so unique. I will try to come up with some more of them later as they come to me. I will be following Mrs. A. in the series as well as other people in the weeks to come. Hope you enjoy them.

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