Friday, June 14, 2013

Still Here

Thanks for stopping by. I haven't posted for a while on here. No excuses for bad behavior, except for the usual. I"m lazy. I recently traveled to Yosemite and San Diego for mini vacations.  I also worked in Hollywood on a few TV shows as a background actor. This was fun and educational and the experience has given me a new desire to write a script. My daughter Jessica, who loves all things Zombie, has agreed to collaborate on the project. She can give me the young person's perspective as I am decidedly OLD SCHOOL. Stay tuned as this project coalesces from concept to reality. I have been editing my WIP with I heartily recommend using this online program as it helps with so many writing issues. Its been a long time since I studied  grammar, and I am humbled by all of the great help this program gives.  Authors can't only rely on spell check and the way we think things should be. I recently changed the title of my WIP from Butcher and Blade to Endgame. I think it is more appropriate and the new title might have better appeal to readers. I also am shopping it around for an agent. The rejections are piling up and the negative feedback has severely dampened my enthusiasm.  Looking for Beta-Readers as well, including reviewers. I lost my publisher for Moon Shadow when they went out of business, and I am searching for another one. Many rejections and the lack of responses is underwhelming. My only novel which is presently for sale is In The Midnight Hour. It is currently being ignored or invisible on Amazon. Or both for that matter. A direct hit on a writer's ego. My next writing project is a follow up novel to Moon Shadow. I plan to send one of my MC's to the Antarctic to wrestle with a new villain bent on evil doings. I have plotted most of it out in my mind and even wrote the first chapter. I have to say that being a writer and doing what we do is the best experience in the world. It can be all consuming and alienate one from their family and friends, but the whole process is so rewarding that it is worth it.  I'll sign off for now with a promise to blog more often.

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