Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Been a Blog Slacker Lately

Apologies for my ignoring my blog of late.  I have been remise My writing and editing schedule is grueling and I have precious little time left in the day.  Not enough hours in the day if you add in all the family responsibilities.  My grandson broke his leg last week when a protective mother cow trampled him when he got too close to her newborn calf.  He has a cast all the way up to his hip.  He is doing good now and just had a birthday with all his school mates coming over.  Guardian angel looking over him as we all know how bad it could have been.  My other grandson is a hero for being there to scare off the cow at his own perile and herding her back to a pen.  Whew.  Sometimes it seems harder being a grandparent then it was being a parent.

I finished Butcher and Blade finally.  I really like writing in this new genre.  Action/ Thriller and hope I can garner some new fans because of this transition.  I put some medical scenes in it so hope my Medical Thriller fans will also be satisfied.  Now I am trying to publish the old fasion way, sending out queries to agents and publishers.  I am already getting a slew of rejections and this is both humbling and discouraging.  Trying to get published is not for the weak of heart.  You have to shrug off all the rejections and stand on the backs of so many famous writers who tell of mountains of rejections before being discovered.

I did get a request to read the manuscript from one of the big  5 publishers. I have never got this close before so am excited beyond all measure.  I hope they like it as they print hardback versions first and send out to libraries and bookstores. Eventually they will put it out as a paperback and ebook and even offer it on Audible.com.  It may be the real deal for me and this new novel.  Keeping my fingers crossed and the whole experience has definately ratcheted up my attitude for being a writer.

I am also going to Hollywood once or twice a month to be a background actor.  This is so much fun and a wonderful diversion for me.  It is harder to do then it appears.  The hours are long. I had to wait 7 hours before I even got on set ysterday.  Once, on another show I arrived on set at 10 AM and was released at close to midnight.  Add in the 3 hour drive each way and you do the math.  Exhausted and thrilled at the opportunity.  Acting has always been one of the items on my Bucket List.  Check off this one.  Skydiving?  Scuba Diving?  Have to work on that.

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