Thursday, February 23, 2012

ABNA update

Didn't make the cut on my pitch in Amazons contest for breakthrough novels. Disappointed but thrilled for those who got to go on to the next level. Maybe next year....On the up side I did finish this novel. Moon Shadow. And am working hard on editing. Check out my first chapter for free. See the link above under the picture of a lake I sit and look out the window upon every day.
Best wishes to all.


  1. Sorry to hear you didn't make it, Regge but you'll know it goes with the territory, and you'll have your day!

    And what an inspiring place to sit and look out on every day. Awesome.

    warm wishes

  2. It's a great contest. Perhaps you could take advantage of the free CreateSpace proof though. You should receive a code by e-mail.

  3. Yes it is a great contest. Many novels were able to be published without being the winner including mine from 2 years ago. It enabled me to get some buzz and through that a publisher. This year I was disappointed my pitch wasn't good enough. Maybe I need a pitch doctor. Sad that many well written and interesting novels got overlooked because their pitch wasn't good enough. I did get the free proof from createspace and seeing it in print was electrifying. My family finally realized I really am a writer and began to take me a little more seriously. Good times. Thanks for everyones encouragements and will continue to write and enter contests.