Monday, September 5, 2011

More grandkid stories at Disneyland

All of the kids and their entourage have left the timeshare. We are broke now but happy and grinning. There was never a dull moment. The only other funny thing which happened was on a ride when I was paired up with one kid and Connie with the other. Just as we let them get on the ride first they both pulled down on the restraining bar almost in tandem. The ride lurched forward. This of course kept Connie and I running along side yelling for help as the kids were locked in alone on the ride with no way for us to get in. Of course it was a happy ending as the operator stopped the ride and released the restraining bar so we could join our 7 year olds. Another disaster was averted when I was charged with taking them to the restroom. One went in to the boys side, the other went in the girls while I stood guard somewhere in between. I promise I was watching both doors like it was a ping pong tournament. Finally the girl popped out and we began watching for the boy. Unbeknownst to me he had popped out while my attention was drawn to the other I suppose. He began running around looking for me in a crowd of hundreds who were pushing their way to and fro. I didn't realize this and was somewhat relieved when he was miraculously found running around by one of his parents who was coming to see what was taking so long. Guardian angels watching over. She gave me an exasperated look and I think I might be forgiven someday. As we pick up and put away the leavings and the detritus we find tooth brushes, hair dryers and other prized possessions we will no doubt be required to return to their owners as soon as we get back. But for now we can put our blistered feet up and rub sunburn cream on each other and recall all of the precious moments of another family retreat to Disneyland.


  1. This post made me laugh! It is not easy to be a grandparent, is it? The image of the 7-year-olds locked into the ride while you are running alongside yelling, "Help!" belongs in a movie! Not funny at the time, I'm sure. But brilliant material for a book one day.

  2. Thanks Chipper. It did feel like I was I'n a movie.