Friday, September 2, 2011


Waiting in line can be boring or entertaining. While waiting for a ride on the tea cups, my 3 year old grandson almost had us calling 911. He apparently was bored enough to see what it would feel like to place his head between the bars of the fence lining the way. Unable to pull said head from between the bars he started to howl. A strong bystander rushed up and literally pulled the fence bars apart and the unhappy toddler was free but still hollering while every one else was relieved and clapping. He wasn't I injured, if you don't count his pride. I was a few feet away, not wanting to loose my lunch on the tea cups. But I was able to snap a few memory snapshots for future family get togethers. The bystander told us he taught in elementary school and that this was not the first time he had seen this. Filed under memories of Disneyland.


  1. Wow. This brought back vivid memories of a trip to Six Flags (Great America) in Illinois. My daughter was about 4 or 5...and she did almost the exact same thing, except she put her whole body between the bars of the heavy metal gate...which held people back from the ride once it started...
    Yes, the gates closed on her...she was pinned in between until they opened it back up! Talk about scary. I thought for sure she'd have broken ribs. Not one of my favorite memories!
    (She is 36 now, and her ribs are fine!)

  2. OMG Sharon. Scary. This was over so quick, I didn't have time to react. Glad our episodes both worked out. Kids just left to go home. We are broke now but grinning for the joy we had with the fam.

  3. OMG-- I would be in full on crisis mode (and weepy too)!!