Monday, May 9, 2011

High End Jewelry Robbery

The man pushed through the revolving door of the high end jewelry store bringing with him a puff of March wind and a few leaves from outside. He had just emerged from a black limousine, which remained parked in a No Parking Zone outside the Store. He shook out of his trench coat which was wet from the light shower. A woman greeted him and took his coat. He wore a doctor's lab coat underneath and his expensive shoes, starched and pleated pants and the stethoscope around his neck were not unnoticed by the salesmen. One of them approached him and offered his hand in greeting. I'm Lester Coen. Welcome to our store.
"Thank you Lester.", the man said and shook the salesman's hand while gazing around the opulent shop lined with glass counters full of expensive rings, bracelets and other baubles. "I'm Dr. Changeling and I'm sorry for my manners but I am in somewhat of a hurry.", he said quickly and began to walk over toward a glass display resplendent with some of the most elegant watches on the planet.
"Can I help you find something doctor.", Lester gushed. The fact the customer was a doctor with an obvious air of wealth about him was not lost on him.
"Yes you can Lester. You see I am on my lunch break and am looking for a gift for my father in law. I am embarrassed to say I didn't get him anything for his birthday last year and my wife has not let me forget it.", he said with a mirthless grin.
"I see. Well you have come to the right place. We are honored to serve the city's most influential clients needs. We just had the mayor in and sold him a bracelet for his wife."
"That is reassuring. You see, because I missed last year I am in need of a gift that is very special. Price is no object.", he said and glanced down at the array of gold watches.
"Might I recommend a gold Rolex Presidential? It is the finest watch we sell. It has an oyster shell face and 12 jewels bezel.", Lester said while laying the watch on a velvet viewing pad.
"Oh yes. I know about this."
Lester could see that Dr. Changeling was wearing a Rolex Submariner himself.
"I see you are a watch aficionado yourself doctor"
"Yes I love watches. I am somewhat of a collector."
Over the next few minutes Lester brought out several watches for him to see and touch. He brought out a Piaget’s Emperador , Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Breguet. The jewels sparkled reflecting the well placed track lighting.
Well, I must be getting back to my patients. I have two open hearts surgeries left but I will be back. What time do you close?
We close at six o'clock.
I'll be back before you close. Barring any complications of course.
Lester beamed. Please ask for me sir when you return and I will be honored to serve. He handed him his card. He noticed the gold rings and cuff links the doctor had as he took the card.
See you then.
We will be here, even if we have to stay open late.
The store guard held the door for the doctor as he shrugged on his rain coat and made a dash for the limo.
A little before six o'clock a policeman came into the store and greeted the guard with a tip of his hat. The guard visibly relaxed and leaned against the wall. The cop took off his hat and went to the counter and began conversing with the sales lady about a wedding ring. He wanted to propose to his sweetheart tonight over dinner. He turned down some of the more high end offerings and seemed to be settling for a modest solitaire when the limo pulled up and in came the doctor, Lester met him at the door and wanted to take his coat but Dr. Changeling refused. He said he was almost sure of his decision. He needed to get to the birthday party which was in an hour and needed to hurry.
Lester laid out the same beautiful watches in a row and waited with an expectant smile on his lips, undoubtably calculating his commission in his head. Each watch was selling for a hundred grand or so.
Suddenly, the doctor pulled a gun and ordered everyone to put their hands up. He pointed his gun at the guard who was about to set off the alarm and ordered him to get on the floor and toss his weapon out. He seemed to not notice the cop who was behind another counter near the back of the store. He quickly pulled out a cloth sac from his pocket and scooped all of the watches from the counter into it. He then dashed out to the waiting limo and everyone watched astonished as it drove away. The windows were tinted so no one could id the driver. The cop ran up and said "Everyone stay put. I got this.", and he began talking into the two way on his shoulder. Sirens could be heard in the distance and everyone watched as the cop dashed outside. He pulled out his gun and began to give chase.
The ambulance screeched to a halt outside the store and medic started hauling out a gurney. "We got a call 5 minutes ago. Where is the guy having a heart attack one said to the obviously perplexed clerk.
"I thought the cop called in back-up. We were just robbed." No one had thought to call 911, assuming the cop had called it in on his two way. No one had set off the alarm.
The limo pulled up and picked up the cop about a block away.


  1. Whoever thought up that plot should be a writer.

  2. I know. Right? Hehe. Tyvm Don. Made my day

  3. Thank you Sheilagh. You make me proud.

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