Friday, September 21, 2012

Think I Will Go Eat Worms

Sometimes being a writer can be discouraging.  We work very hard to tell a story which means a lot to us and is relevant in today's world.  We want so much to tell the story but instead they sit languishing on the shelf.  It is pathetic and no wonder so many talented authors are giving up and moving on to quicker ways to earn a living.  I was so excited to have two novels up for sale this year.  Published ones, which means I was selected out of many other hopefuls and didn't have to go the Self Published route.  I have done what was recommended, Blogged, used twitter and goodreads and Facebook relentlessly to tell everyone about my wonderful stories, and in spite of having thousands of friends on those sites, only managed to get some of them into the hands of a couple of friends and close family. I spend hundreds of dollars for editing, cover art, promotion. Now I am getting them both out in paper back, I have a chance to do book signings.  This could also turn out to be a complete waste of time.  I do see many success stories out there and know the potential is there but with so much competition out there, in some ways the odds are the same as winning the lottery.  Thanks for letting me vent today.  I won't do it again for awhile, I just needed to center and remember I am living a dream of being a published writer and I am driven to keep at it even if I leave this world with 10 or 12 published novels just sitting on the shelf.  At least I tried.


  1. Being published by a traditional publisher doesn't always mean that we'll be successful, does it? All we can do is keep writing and keep trying to get our works out to the readers. Good post!

  2. Quite right Karen. Should get you more street credibility. But definately not the golden ring like I expected. I do write every day. At least I have that to keep me busy and not feeling sorry for myself. Just finished a big push for Moon Shadow, with thousands of tweets linking to a post advertising it and amazon buy link. Not one sale in three days. Thanks for commenting. I am just grumbling and venting. I will be okay.