Sunday, September 16, 2012

Butcher and Blade

Butcher and Blade is the working title for my next WIP.  I am  shifting my writing style a bit to a parallel genre ACTION THRILLERs.  This revealed itself to me as I have been reading books Like BrainRush and some other high octane novels.  I like the non-stop and in your face style of writing.  There is little room for character development or even scene descriptions.  If you stop to talk about the sunset, you might lose your audience.  So if you are into this style of writing I invite you to read a rough draft of my first chapter in the Page section ablove.
Butcher and Blade is a story of the unlikely pairing of two drastically different men who are  literally thrown together.  Dr. Butcher is a surgeon who on the night he goes home to commit suicide in the wake of his beloved wife's untimely death, runs over Blade, a homeless person living under an freeway overpass.  Blade is the nickname of  a wounded veteran and has blades for legs lost durring an IED explosion in Afghanistan.  This chance meeting is further complicated as they are in the crossfire of a big rig highjacking robbery and end up being kidnapped along with a bag of loot.  They narrowly escape and find themselves  on the run after hiding the robbers money.  The story ramps up as the real reason for the robbers attack becomes more apparent. Hold on dear reader.  This is going to be a very bumpy Ride.
Reggie Ridgway


  1. I like the premise and would definitely read more.

  2. Thanks Ken. Very excited about writing this one.