Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New reviews today for my debut novel on Amazon

4.0 out of 5 stars Good Medical Thriller, July 4, 2012 By Joan - See all my reviews This review is from: In the Midnight Hour (Kindle Edition) In his debut novel, In the Midnight Hour, Reggie Ridgway introduces his readers to interesting characters, weaves those characters into a spine tingling thriller and serves up a story you will not soon forget. No matter how much of the tale you think you see coming, you are assured a few startling surprises and a delightful romance as well. Part of the reason his story works so well is because Ridgway has been in the a medical profession for many years and is able to bring very believable detail to both characters and events. He also laces his fiction with very real insight into the realities of hospital life and the people who inhabit that world. I highly recommend this, his debut novel and hope his next one will be published soon. Joan Francis **********************************************************************+********** 4 star out of 5 Karen Doering "Parent's Little Black Book" (Clarkston, WA USA) - See all my reviews (REAL NAME)    This review is from: In the Midnight Hour (Kindle Edition) From the first paragraph with a discription of the location and setting of a mental hospital to the ending this book is a page turner. Dr. Anderson is a man who's mental condition is deteriorating rapidly. It shows in his work and interaction with others in the hospital he has helped to build into an internationally recongnised medical center and in his personal life. He is no longer in control of his own destiny as he slips farther into mental illness. But Dr. Anderson is not the usual madman. His intelligence and cunning place him far ahead of most others who find themselves slipping away from the norms of society. Alone in his nightmare, he plots his escape from the psychiatric facilty he now resides in. The novel is fast paced and compeling. The details and discriptions are well done drawing the reader into the story with good rythym and excellent flow. The characters are well developed, the backstories inserted as needed smoothly with finese. The escape scene, while somewhat reminesnet of a rather well know novel, kept me on the edge of my seat turning the pages. The main protagonist while evil and frightening in his insanity draws the reader into his madness. We are there right along with him while he seeks revenge against those he feels have treated him with distain. There are some problems with this novel. More than a few grammarical, spelling and usage errors distract from the enjoyment and flow of the story. The sentence structure becomes very predictable and some variation needs to be introduced. This is where a good editor can assist an author in producing a clean work. But overall the novel is good. It has a fast pace, great discriptions, reasonable narration and believability. A good effort that just needs some fine tuning. Karen Bryant Doering, Parents' Little Black Book Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse | Permalink Comment Comment

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