Sunday, November 20, 2011

November WOK meeting

Had another good writers of Kern meeting Saturday. My third one. Hope I can keep this up due to work schedule conflicts. This meeting was different as we had no speaker. Instead we were given writing prompts. We then read our stories to the group. It was a wonderful experience to see the people come up with so many great stories. We all got instant gratification from responses, and even polite applause. Great meeting and look forward to the next one. Here is my little story. Please forgive the grammar and all. It is like nanowritemo I guess.
The writers prompt was about an angry girl.

Jane was angry with her father. The thing was she couldn't tell him. She needed to tell him. She needed to tell him how she felt. How else would he know. Oh she could give him the silent treatment. But what good would that do. Always before when she tried to talk to him he would just go on and do his thing. That was it. They never had really talked. Oh he would talk all right. But it was always about him. Never about her. How could she ever get his attention. Get him to listen. Hit him over the head. Maybe then he would listen. The thing was, what made her so mad was it was hard to put everything that she was angry about into words. It really was a combination of a lot of things. If she had to put it into words, what would she begin with. Oh yes, number one was divorcing her mother. That goes to the top of the list. Jane knew that she now at the age of 40 should not still hold a grudge for this, but is still irked her. Dad had found a new life with someone else. Now she had to make nice with a new mother and sisters. Jane had tried. She went to family get togethers with her Dads new family. Weddings, Holidays and other functions were hard. Now here he was lying in a hospital bed with tubes going in and out. She listened to the breathing machine keeping him alive. Maybe she could just tell him how she felt now. He couldn't hear her or respond with even Im Sorry but at least she could vent. Maybe she could write him a letter. But what if he never woke up. What if he never got a chance to read it. What would she gain from that. The other thing was his missing her graduation from college. He had gone off on a cruise with his new wife. Oh he had sent Jane a nice gift. A graduation card. But what she really wanted was for him to be present. She needed validation and approval from him. But why does she need approval from someone she is so angry with. He had always stressed her get straight A's. That one time she came home with a B she was grounded for a month. No TV. Stayed in her room except for meals. Then at the culmination with her the valedictorian of her class and giving the commencement speech he wasn't there to hear her say her father had been the one who pushed her to succeed. Just then she heard the monitor start wailing. Nurses rushed in and someone said to call a code blue. She watched from the doorway as they worked on her father. I forgive you daddy she whispered as she bowed her head and said a quiet prayer.


  1. Good, and even better this 2nd time. I'd not been able to hear you that well at the meeting. Thanks for posting, Reggie. Cheers, Annis

  2. Thanks Annis. I was very nervous. Public speaking was never a strong point.