Thursday, June 9, 2011

Proposed New Book Cover


  1. I like it - I really like the way the red tear runs from front to back and picks up on the red from the knife.

    My only suggestion is the bottom right corner. Once the Kindle logo (if you plan to load it for sale in Kindle format) is placed your last name may appear as Ridgwa.

    I would suggest decreasing the font a bit and making it flush left. Perhaps this only bothers OCD people such as myself. ha ha


  2. I'll agree with Jenna on the font. But otherwise, Bruh, this cover is quite hot. If anything, a darker blue background would be nicer. But that doesn't take away from what's there now. Nice!

  3. Great comments Jenna and AT. I will talk to the people who talk to the people. Lol

  4. Am I still cool if I love it how it is?? Wait, I guess I would have to been cool at the start of this comment... LOL

  5. YEs you will always be the cool one Jack. Thanks for the shout out buddy.

  6. I really like your cover. I think simple is often best (too many people clutter up their covers, I think).

    Good luck with your writing. Come and visit me sometime!

    Darrell Pitt