Sunday, April 24, 2011

Connie And Her Out Of Control Prius

My fiancée is usually the smartest woman in the room. But no one but me knows it usually. She does get into her share of being at the wrong place at wrong time incidents. Her last one sent me into paroxysms of laughter and I hope you enjoy my retelling of her story. Last Friday she dutifully took her car in for an oil change. In and out with a free car wash she was feeling pretty good that it was all free as the first one after buying new Prius. Socially conscious she is all about saving the rain forests and the whale etc. Not a card carrying Green Peacenik but green nonetheless. Suddenly she hears a helicopter over head and strains to look up through the wind shield. Then glancing down she notices the speedometer topping at over a hundred. In a Prius? She questions the steering wheel. She begins to have visions of her on the six o'clock news as a runaway car filmed by a helicopter on the freeway. Then she notices that others are passing her on the freeway and starts to wonder what the heck as the speedometer is still pegging the limit. Frantically she speed dials me to ask what to do on her cell. I tell her to go back to the dealership. Obviously somebody has messed with the car as it was fine just before the oil change. Just coasting into the driveway she tells me the car is going 30 miles an hour. I'm thinking is this one of those cases where the Prius is accelerating out of control like the news reports last year. They said they had fixed the problem and not to worry any more. She hangs up as she turns the car over to the repair man again. A few minutes later she calls back laughing. Evidently the repairman had reset the speedometer to kilometers per hour instead of miles per hour.


  1. I did that to my wife's car on purpose. I thought it was funny. She figured it out, though.