Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Texan and the Polecat

All the Texan's seven year old wanted for his birthday was a trap. Not being one to disappoint, his father came through with a large animal trap. They spent the day, father and son setting up the trap, baiting it and covering up their scent. Matthew could hardly sleep wondering what he would find the next morning. Indeed, no one slept except for Mrs. Texan who stayed behind as an intrepid pajama clad group of hunters set out before breakfast as the sun rose. They were surprised and shocked at what they found and I wish a picture could show it. It wasn't a cat as was my first thought when my daughter told me about it the next day. Hazel Ann said "It was hissing at us." Matthew thought it was a raccoon but it had a long body with a ring tail. It was like a mashup version of a raccoon and a cat. Not to be outdone, Landon wanted to go fishing in the cow pond, err "tank", in the back forty. "Okay, but watch out for snakes." He came back in 15 minutes with a huge catfish. Soon the whole family was fishing. "Not a dull moment around here." my daughter says. One night Jake the oldest son and the Texan took flashlights and 22 gauge rifles to the tank and shot a huge cottonmouth.

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  1. Talk about luck - life in all corners, even in Texas. haha