Monday, February 14, 2011

The Texan and the New Fridge

I always love the SuperBowl. Not just for the football, the snacks , beer, and camaraderie with the entire male population, but also for the great new commercials. The one that caught my eye this year was the one where the child playing Darth Vader is spoofed when he tries to control his dads car with his mind control. Of course his dad was really turning the car on, blinking the headlights and turning it off surreptitiously from the living room with the keyless remote. I loved that not only because it was hilarious and original but reminded me of a family anecdote when the Texan brought home the new fridge with ice and water dispenser in the door. Of course his young children had never seen this technology. So, with a wry grin, he assembled the family for a demonstration. He said with all seriousness, " You must bow your heads and raise your arms to make the fridge give us water and ice. And say these words, "Oh fridge we are so thirsty can we have some ice and water please." Then he demonstrated and of course the water and ice came into the glass like magic. The kids were awestruck and for weeks complied using his exact words by his example as he and his wife sniggered in the background.

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